Visions International

About Us | ごあいさつ

Visions International is a 18 year professional coaching, consulting and training company that equips global executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, non-profit organizations, educators and students to relate and communicate cross-culturally, live contentedly and work successfully with other cultures.

We specialize in language coaching, intercultural training and coaching, and global executive and business coaching for all ages, proficiency levels, industries, purposes and pursuits.

We partner with you to understand why you are seeking language, intercultural or business effectiveness. Then, we embrace your vision as our own vision to co-create a customized plan to strategize your development.

Our Specialties

Intercultural & Relocation Training
Global Executive Coaching
Foreign Language Coaching
Intensive English Immersion for Executives | Academics | Youth | Adventure
Homestay Program
TESOL | EFL | ESL Certification
Translation & Interpretation
Small Business Coaching
Online Coaching & Training
Cultural Tours and Travel

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