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Bernell King Ingram Blog

This blog is an Interactive Google Map Blog of pictures and videos places Bernell visited during her journey to Japan. Click on the pinpoint or left menu listing the locations by category to reveal Bernell’s comments, pictures and video.

このブログはバネールの日本旅行中のインタラクティブGoogle Mapブログです。このGoogle Mapのピンポインや左側のメニューボタンをクリックするとバネールの撮った写真とビデオとコメントが開きます。ごゆっくりご覧ください。

After six years, Bernell returns to Japan for business, ministry, personal and to challenge herself to speak Japanese 99% of the trip to skill up her language skills. Instead of waiting for opportunities, Bernell seeks to create them. Her heart’s desire to be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16) of God’s grace and goodness everywhere she travels simply through her life and relationships. Bernell’s heart longed to see her host families, friends and former clients in Japan after such a long time. The purpose of this trip is simply–people–not vacation, not sightseeing, but to honor, nurture and create more relationships for mutual benefit and God’s purposes, plans and pursuits. May you also be encourage to live your vision everyday of your life! #VisionsMadeReal!