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Language Coaching

Our language coaching team has more than 80 years of experience teaching students of diverse cultures, countries, industries, purposes, levels and ages. We excel at creating customized, relevant learning plans to give students authentic opportunities to speak 50-70% or more during class time, breaks and activities outside the classroom.

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Languages Classes


We offer English, Japanese, Spanish, German, Chinese, Intensive English Immersion, online classes, and other languages to serve executives, professionals and students in the Upstate of South Carolina, including Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Laurens, Easley, Clemson, Pickens, Oconee and around the world. Our programs offer intensive business and general language classes for all levels, all ages, all industries and goals in a private or small group courses.

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Our language coaches have personally experienced learning a second language or living and working in other countries with other cultures. We use a highly communicative, student-centered approach which allows students to speak 50-70% or more during lessons. Students co-create their language learning plan with their language coach, set goals, provide ongoing feedback to their coach, and receive on-going evaluation. We teach intercultural awareness and create learning opportunities outside the classroom.

Adapting to unfamiliar foreign cultures, such as a new educational, medical or housing situation, is often challenging. Our program offers support outside the classroom to address these challenges of living and working in a foreign country at no additional cost.

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We also offer


  • Pre and Post Testing and Assessments
  • Customized Curriculum Development
  • On-site Corporate Training
  • In-home lessons
  • Online Conversation and Discussion Courses
  • Flexible Scheduling (nights and weekends)
  • Test Preparation and practice classes for TOEIC®, TOEFL®, EIKEN, JLPT, IELTS and other tests

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Our Students


Our students are global executives and managers of multinational corporations, professionals, expatriate spouses and families, students and children seeking language proficiency and cultural acumen. Our students enjoy learning in a fun yet focused environment. We teach all ages, all levels of proficiency, all industries and all purposes.

Language Classes


We specialize in communicative and intensive language learning for all levels and all ages. We offer courses relevant to your life and business goals and today’s world events.

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  • Conversation Class – English | German | Spanish
  • Everyday Life or Daily Life English Class
  • Business English Class
  • English In the Workplace (Vocational Training)
  • English for Academic Purposes (primary, secondary, adult and higher education)
  • English for Specific Purposes (Industry-specific Courses)
  • English Intensive Immersion – Business Executive, General, Academic, Youth, Adventure
  • Japanese Classes – General | Business | Conversation
  • Spanish Classes – General | Business | Conversation
  • German Classes – General | Business | Conversation
  • Crash Courses (Survival and Travel)
  • Skills Workshops (critical situations, daily life skills in America, pronunciation, grammar, advanced vocabulary such as DMW Driver’s License, Accidents and Emergencies)
  • Official Proficiency Examinations Preparation (TOEIC®, TOEFL®, Eiken, JLPT, IELTS, etc.)
  • Culture Workshops and Discussions
  • Current World Events Workshops and Discussions

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