Visions International
Franchise Licensing for Language & Intercultural Training Schools | Independent Teachers, Coaches & TrainersVisions Made Real! That's what we do. Are you living your vision? Are you seeking to start, own, improve or grow your own language and intercultural coaching, consulting and training services or school? Partner with us. We equip you with a 20-year proven, profitable business model, programs, digital marketing strategy and customized technology system to structure and grow a thriving language school. We embrace your vision and goals as our own to co-create a customized strategy to see your Vision Made Real in life, business and your community!
Language School

Who We Are

Visions International is a 20 year professional coaching, consulting and training that provides a language coaching and language school licensing model, programs, services, training and development to professional language and intercultural teachers, coaches and trainers. Our licensees coach and train multinational corporations, global executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, families and students (age 6 and up) to build relationships, communicate, live and work in diverse, multicultural environments.

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