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Visions International is a 20-year professional coaching, consulting and training company specializing in developing globally-minded professionals. We offer language training, intercultural training and relocation training and services for global executives, expatriate employees and families, entrepreneurs, professionals, non-profit organizations, educators and students of all ages. Our clients grow to relate and communicate cross-culturally, live contentedly and work successfully with other cultures. We are certified professionals that employ the thinking, skills, strategies and tools of Lean Six Sigma, ISO 9001 and Project Management to develop organizations, leaders and team that are able meet global customer requirements and meet the company’s quality management system.

Let us partner with you to understand why you are seeking language, intercultural or business effectiveness. Then, we embrace your vision as our own vision to co-create a customized plan to strategize your development. Our Find A Coach service helps to pair you with qualified language and global executive coaches to meet your business and educational goals.

Our Specialties

Intercultural Training & Relocation Training
Global Executive Coaching
Foreign Language Training – Find A Coach
Intensive English Immersion for Executives
Small Business Coaching
Online Coaching & Training

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