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20 Years of Visions Made Real!

Visions International T.E.A.M. maintains 98% overall client satisfaction, 97% of our students complete their language program, 98% pass official language testing (TOEIC, TOEFL, EIKEN), a 5-star English Immersion Program for youth, managers and executives, a 5-star satisfaction of Business, Executive, Intercultural Coaching and Training, 4.9 stars for our language coaches, 4.9 stars for our Executive Staff. We welcome you to experience a true partnership to see your Vision Made Real.
Visions International T.E.A.M.

You don’t only teach, you mark people’s life

Keep up the great work you do. You don’t only teach, you mark people’s life. You definitely impacted mine in such positive way and every time I think of you my heart opens and smile covers my face. Mihaela Joiner | Artistic Director and Choreographer | Layali Layla Dance Co.

One-on-One Approach

I want to take the opportunity to congratulate you for your professionalism and your academic program vision. I find that you give each student a one-on-one approach to learning the language and you cover each individual?s necessities. We are lucky for having you! Luz Celis | International Accounting Manager

Experienced Something Greater

‘A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps’ (Proverbs 16:9). When I enrolled in the TESOL Training and Certification Program with Visions International, my goal was to successfully complete the training. I had no idea I was about to experience something greater. Although I did not complete my training due to unforeseen circumstances, I was able to find better clarity within myself, my purpose, and vision through my coaching sessions with Bernell K Ingram. The coaching I received during TESOL training helped me discover things about myself, my career options and passion. I had an answer to questions I once answered, ?I don?t know?. What could have been seen as a waste was a blessing in disguise. I am truly grateful to have met such an incredible teacher, coach and now friend. Moving forward, I feel encouraged, happy and motivated. I am a living testimony that everything happens for a reason. No?lla Dubourg | TESOL Trainee | Canada

TESOL Certificate to Serve in Ethiopia

Another page turned…a chapter ended and a chapter begun. Today I received my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification from Visions International and Tri-County Technical College. It was a hard slog, but well worth the blood, sweat and tears…alright, maybe there was no blood. It was fun to learn with and from my fellow students and I venture to say that our main instructor and coach Bernell Ingram is now also a good friend, although I am sure she wanted to wring my neck on more than one occasion! Johann and his spouse are SAMS (Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders) missionaries still serving in the people?s region of Gambela within the Episcopal/Anglican Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa. Johann Vanderbiji | Anglican Priest and SAMS Missionary | Ethiopia

A Deeper Understanding

Bernell has been a valuable resource for me; capable, professional and holding me accountable during our coaching sessions. Bernell has a deeper understanding how to get to a goal and remove obstacles for success. I can only highly recommend her. German Operations Engineering Manager | Aviation Industry

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