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Professional coaches provide an ongoing partnership with clients to improve their performance and enhance quality of life both personally and professionally. Our coaches help each client realize their vision by helping them discover their inherent skills, resources, and creativity to continue growing independent of the coach. One-on-one coaching sessions are confidential, personable, customized, action-oriented and results-driven. Our coaches have received accredited coach training and adhere to the ethics of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Global Executive Coaching

We are your confidential, accountability partner and sounding board to develop and challenge you not only perform at a peak level, but to lead cross-culturally, communicate effectively, live contentedly and work successfully in your global work environment or international assignments.

Our coaches are highly skilled in intercultural relations, various professional fields, and diverse global industries to connect with you and the country and cultures you do business with. Global Executive Coaching includes:

  • Co-create an Individualized Development Plan (IDP), a focused action plan
  • Personal Cultural Profile Assessment
  • Reflective Question-based Learning
  • Active Listening & Cultural Awareness Training
  • Problem Solving
  • Accountability Partner
  • Life, Business or Career Transition Guidance
  • Global Leadership Development
  • Cross-cultural educational resources and tools
  • Foreign language communication skills development

Business Coaching

An idea is only as great as the one thinking it.
An organization is only as great as the people running it.
And a vision is only as great as the one engineering and leading it.

We develop people — not businesses. We help you grow as a visionary leader able to lead, manage and make decisions that are grounded in your vision, mission and values and fueled by your passion and tenacity. Business Coaching includes:

  • Co-create an Individualized Development Plan (IDP), a focused action plan
  • Business model creation, fine-tuning and evaluation
  • Evaluation of People | Systems | Capital to structure, stabilize, sustain and scale
  • Lean Six Sigma process improvement and business optimization
  • Prioritize and achieve goals
  • Leverage your resources and networks
  • Grow, complete tasks and evaluate progress
  • Gain confidence to perform at a higher level
  • Create solutions and think independently
  • Prepare to excel in new job roles, manage and lead employees and new cultural environments
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