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Business English Immersion

Intensive Business English Immersion

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We use a highly communicative, student-centered approach which allows you to speak 70% or more during lessons and interact real-time with people in the local business community. Total immersion is the most effective way of developing language proficiency according to the Center for Applied Linguistics. The intensity of the immersion experience coupled with cultural exposure provides maximum growth in a minimum time frame. Our students grow one English level after 4 weeks of intensive study and real-life interaction with local people in the language and culture for 180-200 hours.

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Language Immersion

Gain maximum exposure and practice of English through our program that is:

  • 46 hours or more weekly
  • Located in a top-ranked international
    business area
  • Over 300 world-renowned international corporations
  • Focused on the skills you need to perform your job

Through our program, you will learn English skills such as:

  • Skillfully building relationships
  • Making presentations
  • Conducting meetings
  • Expressing your ideas
  • Teleconferencing

Our coach-approach to language training allows you to set goals, receive continuous feedback and be evaluated weekly. All four of your language skills will be developed (speaking, listening, reading and writing) along with grammar, vocabulary and accent-reduced pronunciation mastery.

All participants receive pre-and-post program official testing and evaluation aligned with the Common European Framework (CEF) Can-do Objectives.

Cultural Immersion

To achieve true immersion, Language Coaches are proactive and take initiative in exposing you to the culture through business, social and cultural events.

Students will:

  • Speak English in real-time situations with locals
  • Attend business events and seminars
  • Tour local businesses
  • Meet professionals in your career field

Language Coaches and native speakers accompany you to meals, events, and out-of-classroom experiences to support your immersion experience.

Global Executive Coaching

Our coaches are highly skilled in intercultural relations, various professional fields, and diverse global industries to connect with you and the country and cultures you do business with. Coaching involves active listening and asking deep, reflective questions instead of giving the answers and advice. Our coach-approach enables and empowers you to become more aware, discover your values and your own answers or solutions to your own problems and challenges. We are accountability partners that foster drive, confidence, competence and measurable results.

For expatriates and clients preparing for expatriation, clients are equipped to successfully navigate the challenges of transition from relocation, expatriation, and living and working internationally in a new environment, team, business practices, country, culture and language.

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Intercultural Management and Relocation Training

Visions International takes a coach-approach to culture training for Intercultural Awareness, Intercultural Management and International Relocation. We tailor culture training to you, your work environment and the countries and cultures you do business with. Our training is an integrated model based on proven methodologies and the latest research of the most comprehensive studies of how values and ethics in the workplace are influenced by culture. We examine the local culture, life and business scenarios by asking the deeper questions of people’s motivations, values, behaviors, and communication styles. You will be equip to exercise best practices of communicating, relating and managing in an intercultural environment.

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