Visions International

English Immersion Program Host

Thank you for your interest and time to host our visiting international clients to our community, culture and environment! We welcome local professionals to host visiting global managers and executives and local teenagers to host visiting middle school and high school students. We seek hosts who are proficient in our clients’ target language to host our clients to lunch, dinner, business/educational/community events, cultural events and adventures or excursions paid for by Visions International! We just ask for your time and mutual interest to share and learn through culture and conversation. Our hosts and clients find this experience mutually enriching and some have even established a continued relationship.

Please complete the form below to join our network of hosts. We will contact you directly to schedule you to host according to your interests noted in your profile.

If you would like to update your status or host profile (availability and types of hosting) or if you know other professionals who would welcome this opportunity, please email us.

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