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Visions International

Intercultural and Relocation Training

We take a coach-approach to Intercultural Awareness and Management Training and Relocation Training for expatriates and repatriates. Training is customized to you, your work environment and the countries and cultures you do business with. Our integrated model is based on proven methodologies and the latest research of how culture-specific values and ethics influence performance, team dynamics, interpersonal relationships and communication in the workplace. Our training will equip you and your team to exercise best practices of communicating, relating. living and working in an intercultural environment.

Intercultural and Relocation Training includes:

  • Personal Assessment of your work environmental and relocation
  • Personal Cultural Profile Assessment
  • Cultural Awareness Training
  • Discussion of local and global environment of the focus country and culture
  • Life and Work Transition Guidance
  • Global Leadership Development
  • Country-specific cross-cultural educational resources, case studies, core values analysis and tools
  • Foreign language classes and communication skills development