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A Few of My Favorite Things

When work bites, when the pain stings, I simply remember a few of my favorite things about Japan and then I feel worse! Well, still adjusting back to USA life but it gives me something to look forward to next time in Japan.

1. My host families and friends ?(^o^)?
2. Onsen | Natural Hot Spring |
3. Sentou | Public Bath Spas |
4. Walking almost every where, all the time
5. Shinkansen | Bullet train |
6. My Japan Rail Pass for unlimited, nationwide travel on the public transportation network of trains, subways, buses, taxes, and connection to private transportation networks (fee)- you do not need a car! |
7. Washlet Toilet with heated seats for the cold winter months | Bidet |
8. Konbini | Convenient Stores that are all around convenient |
9. Onigiri | Rice balls |
10. Ekiben | Bento boxed meals sold at train stations |
11. Ofuro | Heated bath tubs |
12. Kotatsu | Heated coffee table with a futon |
13. Variety of regional food and sake |
14. Fresh, always delicious fruit |
15. Being intrigued and stimulated constantly |

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