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IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ and PREPARE: Are you ready to enroll? Registration confirmation and payment deadlines are three (3) weeks prior to your course start date. Therefore, please enroll before the three (3) week deadline. Please allow Visions International one (1) week to process and confirm your registration and payment. Please prepare for these questions and gather these documents for information or upload. This is a secure form (SSL). You will need:

  • 30 minutes: Thirty (30) minutes to complete the enrollment form.
  • Agree to all terms and policies: Read and agree to all the fees, terms and conditions, financial policy and privacy policy. Download a copy of the Policies, Terms and Conditions (PDF).
  • Program Choice: Your program selection.
  • Program Dates: Your program start and end dates. Dates are the same for the Business Program and General Program.
  • Accommodations: Dates you will need accommodations (hotel or host family).
  • Payment Ability: Ability to pay your total program fees in full (program, accommodations, additional services) three (3) weeks prior to your program arrival and start date or at the time of registration confirmation. You do not pay your full program fees now. Visions International will contact you within 24-48 hours to confirm your enrollment, finalize your registration and process your payment.
  • Emergency Contact: Full contact information for your Emergency Contact Person. Your Emergency Contact Person must speak and understand English or provide his or her own translator or interpreter.
  • Photo: Upload your photo (passport size photo).
  • Passport: Upload a clear copy of the first page of your passport with your personal information and date of birth.
  • Visa: Upload proof of valid approval to enter the US and participate in a Visions International program (Visa, Passport, Visa Waiver Program ESTA approval).
  • Health Insurance: Upload proof of health insurance valid in the US in English. If you do not have valid insurance in English, you will be given the option to choose to purchase Visions International third-party insurance. You do not pay for insurance now.
  • Flight Info: Your flight information. If you have not booked your flight, Visions International will ask this information later when we contact you to confirm your enrollment and registration.
  • $150 by Credit Card: Pay the enrollment fee of $150 now by credit card. The enrollment fee is non-refundable.

Once you start the enrollment form, you must complete or submit the form for Visions International to receive your enrollment. If you do not click the submit button, Visions International will not receive your enrollment form. You will have to start the form over again. You cannot save the form to finish it at a later time or date. However, an “Auto-fill” feature is enabled on this form. Therefore, if you accidentally close your browser, the auto-fill feature will allow you to continue where you were left off. This feature uses local storage feature of the browsers to continuously save the form data but only for 1 day. If you do not have answers to all the questions or documents ready to upload, please complete at least the required fields (*) and click the “submit” button. When you submit the form, Visions International will receive your enrollment form immediately. Visions International can edit or change your form and upload your documents later when we contact you to confirm your enrollment and registration for a program. This is a secure form (SSL). Thank you!

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