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Here is the Top 10 list of the travel wise items I am so glad I foresaw to have during my trip! These items kept me from being miserable, stressed, uncomfortable, lost and any other negative word you can imagine!

10. Allergy-free, healthy snacks and meal bars by Enjoy Life Foods®, Munk Pack®, GoGo squeeZe®, PROBAR®
9. Tech tools: Hands-free bluetooth headset by LG® and travel battery pack with dual capacity for more hours/charges than I need by BlackBerry®
8. Lightweight, spinner luggage especially my mini spinner boarding luggage by TravelPro®
7. Full-touch leather gloves by U|R Powered ®
6. New Windows Surface Pro 4 computer (compact, lightweight, all-performing) by Microsoft®
5. Warm, comfortable, practical yet stylish clothes, shoes, and layers for the weather conditions. In Japan, you absolutely cannot skimp on comfort, quality and durability due to all the walking outdoors in any weather condition and terrain. And you definitely can’t skimp on style amongst some of the most quality-driven, brand-conscious people of the world where appropriate attire is a expected! Cuddl Duds®-love them! I was layered everyday with warm, comfy layers that hug my body! Three pair of shoes max of one primary color scheme daily: Totes® rain and snow boots; Cole Haan® flat, ankle boots for business; and my faithful, everyday Tsubo® knee-high, flat boots with fleece lining!
4. Pocket WiFi by Telecomm Square Japan
3. Light-weight, stylish down coat Celsius Premium by Yoki Sport
2. Travelon® Bag Bungee™ luggage strap to secure two bags and more!
1. Attitude of preparing for anything and responding to everything as good, meaningful, valuable and part of the journey!

And thanks to Ross®, Marshalls®, TJ Maxx®, Nordstrom Rack, Sam’s Club and Amazon I paid unbelievably low prices!

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